The Discovery Dome
Historical, publicising our travelling science
centre which toured the UK from 1988.
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By Stephen Pizzey
Published 1987 (Out of Print)

This book offers a rare insight into the early days of the science centre ‘movement’, and some of the people behind the first interactive science centres and galleries mostly in the UK but also overseas.

Taken from the back cover:

“One day – maybe – every city will have an Interactive Science and Technology Centre just as today most cities have a library, art gallery, theatre and sports arena.

This book draws together contemporary accounts from people deeply committed to making science and technology accessible to the public through interactive hands-on exhibits. Professor Richard Gregory has coined the word Exploratory to describe these centres where the emphasis is on exploration rather than just looking and listening. The projects reviewed here were selected to highlight the diversity in locations, budgets and approaches – from school to major museum, from family business to a multi-million national enterprise, from one person’s dream to a committee decision.

There is much valuable information for any group considering setting up an Exploratory, and for anyone involved in the communication of science and technology to the public.”

Contents & Introduction by Stephen Pizzey pdf 588KB


Chapter 1  The Exploratorium: Frank Oppenheimer pdf 2.6MB
Chapter 2  Launchpad: Dr Anthony Wilson pdf 2.8MB
Chapter 3  Technology testbed: Dr P V Sudbury pdf 597KB
Chapter 4  Human Biology: Dr R S Milesch pdf 1.5MB
Chapter 5  The Science Place: G K Leto and C J Chiaverina pdf 1.5MB
Chapter 6  The Inventorium: Gillian Thomas pdf 1.8MB
Chapter 7  Buxton Micrarium: Dr Stephen Carter pdf 1.3MB
Chapter 8  Museum of Scientific Discovery: Ken Gleason pdf 2.2MB
Chapter 9  Questacon: Dr Michael Gore pdf 1.0MB
Chapter 10 Origins of the Bristol Exploratory: Professor Richard L Gregory pdf 3.0MB
Chapter 11 Techniquest: Professor John Beetlestone pdf


Chapter 12  Phaenomena: Georg Mueller pdf 2.1MB
Chapter 13  Designing and making exhibits: Francis Evans pdf 1.1MB
Chapter 14  Interacting with Design students: Bryan Dale pdf 891KB
Chapter 15  Setting up a workshop: James Dalgety pdf 883KB
Chapter 16  Market research: Dr Nicola Lewis pdf 1.4MB
Chapter 17 Charitable trusts: Hugh Frazer pdf 1.3MB
Chapter 18 Formative evaluation: Professor Wynne Harlen pdf 1.2MB
Chapter 19 Using Volunteers: Maggie Plouviez pdf 1.1MB