Interactive exhibits have been our primary focus since 1986. Designed and built by our experienced team, our exhibits are innovative, engaging and durable and can be found all over the world, used by millions of visitors. Whatever your requirements we will work closely with you to design, develop, build and install it.


Mechanical exhibits with maximum interaction to engage your visitors. Let them pull, push, turn and discover with hands-on and body-on experiences.


Screen-based exhibits on their own or integrated with mechanical interaction. In-house programming ensures seamless integration.


Creative applications of electronics for greater design possibilities and fully integrated mechatronics. Design and production created in-house.


Graphic design for the whole exhibition or just a single panel. We work closely with the exhibit builders to ensure a perfect fit without delays.


Sometimes we design and build completely new exhibits and other times we are asked to customise existing designs. One example is the classic Bernoulli Blower which we have been making since 1986. Together with our clients we have created many different versions for different budgets and other requirements.