Energy Tower and Water Tank
Energy Tower and Water Tank

Working with design company Sixsides, Science Projects designed and built two major exhibits for Hunderfossen’s Energisenteret – a centre with a focus on hydropower and other forms of renewable energy.

A waterfall at mezzanine level feeds the exhibit tank which is filled with activities for the visitor. As well as water play, there is also an activity which shows how much water is used with everyday tasks, providing some surprising answers!

The 4.5 metre tall Energy Tower consists of a human powered Archimedes screw which encourages team work to guide the ball up to the top where it then travels along the track and falls, triggering booming messages and light effects on its descent.

Lillehammer’s Hunderfossen Family Park is one of Norway’s best known tourist attractions. It is themed towards Norwegian folk stories, most notably with a 14 metre-high troll that guards the park. Different attractions include climbing parks, water rafting rapids, karts, water pools, and a cinema to name just a few.

Date 2013

Location Norway