Iconic Outdoor Exhibits
Iconic Outdoor Exhibits

This interactive exhibition was completed in the summer of 2006 for The Ravelin Project, on the grounds of The Peter and Paul Fortress in St Petersburg. We installed a number of large-scale iconic exhibits:

Action Reaction: a visitor sits on each end of this long rotating beam. by throwing sand bags, they can propel themselves in the opposite direction, just like a space rocket.

High Wire Bike: this iconic exhibit allows visitors to safely ride a bicycle along a tightrope.

Balance Platform: based on the balancing platform at our own science centre at Herstmonceux, UK.

Archimedes Screw and Gravity Well: a colossal archimedes screw. when the ball reaches the top it returns through a huge gravity well, in a most satisfying manner.

Date  2006

Location  St Petersburg, Russia